Radium Hill Historical Association

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The Community


"An oasis in the desert"

the Radium Hill Community Swimming Pool.


Early accomodation was provided in tents, however in the late 1950s approximately 1000 people were living there in 165 houses and over 220 two man cubicles.


Over 35 different nationalities were represented with the majority being british followed by Australians.


Services provided included an A.I.M Hospital, Public School and Kinderharten, Post office, Police Station, Government retail Store, weather Station, State Bank Branch and a Civic Hall.


A Wet Canteen, Milk Bar, Library, Swimming Pool, Recreation Room and a Drive-In Cinema were also provided.


"Radium Hill Australian Inland Mission (AIM) Hospital"

where 117 babies were born between 1953 and 1961

Private trading organizations were established by way of a Service Station, a Store for Newspapers etc, a Cool Drink Factory, barber Shop and a bus service to Broken Hill. Two Churches were built by voluntary labour, a Caltholic Church including a School Complex and a Second Uniting Church used by all other de-nominations.

A Rather unique organization called 'The Radium Hill Social Club' grew up in the community to encourage social and sporting interests within the town, surrounding pastoral district and townships. It played a major part in the developement of the close knit community spirit of Radium Hill and was financed partly through profits made by the Wet Canteen.



Clubs & Organizations:

As a country town Radium Hill was very active in most sporting and social events.


Sporting clubs included Cricket, baseball, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, Rugby, Aussie rules Football, table tennis, boxing, judo, Rifle Shooting, Gliding, Flying, Golf (including the basence of grass) and model aeroplane flying.


Some of the organiziations included the Country Women's Association (C.W.A), Mothers & Babies Health Assn., Pre-School, R.S.L., Buffalo Lodge, Masonic Lodge, Labour day Sports, Drama Group, Camera Club, Magicians Club, 15 Club, boy Scouts, Various Unions, Radium Hill Sporting & Athletics Club, Church Fellowships, Sunday Schools, Adult Education, Fire Service, Catholic Church, United Church, Youth Club, various Gambling outlets and of course the Social Club which published weekly information.



"Chipping Time for a lonely golfer - Fourrrrrrrr "

Mary Thomson chipping from the fairway onto the sand scrap at hole No.1