Radium Hill Historical Association

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Built the Radium Hill Heritage Museum, located in Peterborough, to depict the birth, life, death and legacies of Radium Hill, Australia’s first uranium mine. Wrote the book “We Were Radium Hill” and produced the 19 min. video “The Way We Were”. Posted out a newsletter “The Radio Activity” to up to 460 former residents, each year since 1990. Conducted three Radium Hill Reunions in Adelaide for those folk who couldn’t make it to the Radium Hill Reunions.

1. Identified 49 different minerals occurring in the mine area.
2. Identified 157 plant species occurring in the Radium Hill area.
3. Identified 132 bird species sighted in the Radium Hill area.
4. Had the MINES DEPT. fence off a dangerous area near Whip shaft.

1. Constructed a BBQ shed.
2. Constructed a shower shed.
3. Constructed a sheltered “Beer garden” area.
4. Erected 18 “then and Now” historic photographic plaques around the former townsite.
5. Manufactured and installed 81 house number and family occupiers, (man, wife and children) and the years that they were resident at that address in the townsite.
6. Reroofed two rooms in the Catholic Church ruins.
7. Had the Townsite Heritage listed in 2017.
8. Conducted many Easter Reunions since the first in 1991 when over 400 attended.
9. Conducted “Ghost Town Cabarets” at Easter each year.
10. Built the AJ Smith memorial cairn in honour of the discoverer of uranium at Radium Hill.
11. Built 4 long-drop dunnies in the camp area.
12. Ongoing noxious cactus grubbing campaign since 1990.
13. Rehabilitated 9holes of the original 18hole golf course.

1. Identified the twelve original graves in the cemetery, names, DOB, DOD, age, cause of death, and home address of each for the SA Dept of Mines.
2. Made and installed names plaque for each grave. Refenced the cemetery grounds.
3. Designed, fabricated and installed the cemetery entrance portal.
4. Built the cemetery monument and installed a plaque of the original burials.
5. Planted 16 gum trees within the cemetery borders and watered them 4 times a year.
6. Had the Cemetery Heritage listed in 2017.
7. Interred the ashes of 24 former residents in the Cemetery, complete with name plaque.
8. Conducted numerous ANZAC commemoration services at Easter each year in remembrance of the 367 former residents who had served in the armed forces of their country.